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Cornish Seaweed Bath Tea


A giant teabag containing Cornish seaweeds, for a natural, therapeutic Cornish Seaweed bath treat, for those who prefer not to have bits floating around the bath.

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Made with organic Cornish seaweed our Cornish Seaweed Bath Tea is a natural bath time pampering treat for those who prefer not to have bits floating around the bath. It is essentially a giant teabag to infuse the bathwater with all the detox goodness of Cornish seaweed.

Handmade with a blend of carefully selected Organic seaweeds all hand-harvested from the clear clean waters around the Cornish coastline. The seaweeds we use include Nori, Dulce, Kombu, Bladderwrack and sea Lettuce (blend changes according to the seasons). We’ve added pure sea salt (including a sprinkling from Cornish waters) and mineral-rich Epsom salts for a therapeutic, skin-nourishing soak, detox soak.

The teabag is made from biodegradable paper, and all outer packaging is biodegradable. 50g e bag.

To Use:

Take the tea bag out of external packaging, and pop it into a hot bath. Leave for a couple of minutes, for all the nutrients and minerals to infuse into the bath water

Key Ingredients in our Cornish Seaweed Bath Tea:

Organic Seaweeds: Contains over 40 vitamins and minerals in high concentrations. Has been used historically for its detoxing properties and as an aid to skin healing. Our blend is hand-harvested from the clear waters around the Cornish coastline.

Sea Salt: We use a combination of fine and coarse sea salts, which absorb all those lovely fragrance oils, and then release them as the salts melt into your bathwater.

Cornish-harvested sea salt: We add a sprinkling of sea salt from Cornish waters to every batch, so there’s a little bit of the Cornish seaside in every bath tea.

Epsom Salts: Reputed to help to relieve stress, soothe tired muscles and soften skin.


Full ingredients:

Sodium chloride ( sea salt, coarse & fine), Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts), Seaweed-Laminaria digitata (kombu), Pulmaria palmate (dulse), Porphyra species (nori), Sea lettuce (ulva sp.) in season (may vary).