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Cornish Seaweed Gift Box


Three best-selling products from our Cornish Seaweed range, handmade with organic seaweeds collected from clear Cornish waters.

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This lovely Cornish Seaweed gift box contains three best-selling products from our Seaweed range, including our Award-Winning Cornish Seaweed Soap. All the products are handmade with a blend of organic seaweeds, hand-harvested from the clean, clear waters around the Cornish coast.

The Cornish Seaweed Gift Box Contains one of each of the following:

Cornish Seaweed  Soap: This Award-Winning soap has been a big hit with our discerning customers.  We use a combination of seaweeds including Bladderwrack, Kombu, Dulce, Nori & Sea Lettuce. We gently infuse the seaweeds in  water to release all those lovely skin-nourishing ingredients. Once infused we add both the infusion and the chopped leaves, to capture all their goodness. The finished soap is gentle, natural, and has a rich creamy lather. It’s suitable for everyone as it has a fresh, invigorating scent from the blend of natural essential oils we use. 90g e bar.

Salty Seaweed Body Polish: A fabulous scrub for detoxing the skin! We use a selection of seaweeds which have been hand-harvested from the Cornish coast. The selection changes with the seasons, and may include Nori, Dulce, Sea Lettuce, Kombu and Bladderwrack.
Made with a selection of sea salts, including a sprinkling of salt from Cornish waters it’s bound together with a blend of deeply-penetrating oils and butters including Mango butter, Sweet Almond and Olive oils. Green & White clays gently draw out impurities. 90g jar.

Salty Seaweed Fizzing Bath Melt: Bring a little bit of the Cornish seaside to bath time! Made with our blend of hand-harvested Cornish seaweed, we’ve added a sprinkling of sea salt from Cornish waters. A carefully blended a selection of natural essential oils to give a fresh, uplifting scent together with oodles of cocoa butter & shea butter will leave your skin feeling really soft and pampered. 70g.


See individual products for full ingredients.