TLC Barrier Balm


100% natural, packed with moisturising and nourishing ingredients to protect and nourish hard-working hands.

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Packed with moisturising and nourishing natural ingredients to protect and nourish hard-working hands. Use as an intense moisturiser on very dry skin, or as a protective barrier balm before using irritants or working outside. Once all the oils & butters have soaked in to the skin, the olive wax acts as natural protection to prevent further moisture loss and prevent irritants from touching the skin.

We’ve added a carefully selected blend of essential oils chosen for their healing and soothing properties, and nourishing oils including wheatgerm, hempseed, kukui, vitamin E and shea and mango butters. 

Tip; Can also be used to help prevent chafing from running and other sports.

External use only, do not use on broken skin. Avoid sensitive areas such as around the eyes. Contains nut oils.

60g tin.

Key Ingredients;

Lavender essential oil; Used widely in skincare for its calming, relaxing and skin-soothing properties.

Tea Tree essential oil; Used for centuries for it’s soothing, calming, healing and antiseptic qualities. It’s also an effective insect repellent.

Geranium essential oil; Used for centuries for it’s naturally healing and soothing properties, especially for dry, itchy and inflamed skin.

Roman Chamomile essential oil; Used extensively in skin care products, for it’s gentle anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties.

Calendula infusion; To help repair damaged or inflamed skin.

Arnica; Used traditionally for repairing damaged tissue and to reduce inflammation.

Olive wax; A natural vegetable wax, this protects the skin form the elements, and helps to prevent further dryness and chapping.

Wheatgerm oil; packed with vitamins and minerals, this oil is used widely for its anti-oxidant and regenerative properties.

Hempseed oil; a light, nourishing oil with a unique blend of essential fatty acids, often used to treat eczema.

Kukui Nut Oil; an excellent penetrating oil, used to soften the skin and sooth chapped skin and minor skin irritations.


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