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Shampoo Bars.

Wanderlust Wash Bar Tin with awards

Using a shampoo bar means one less plastic bottle in the shower.
Our shampoo bars are nourishing shampoos, in a solid bar form. Bursting with natural ingredients, they gently clean the hair and scalp, without stripping away natural oils and moisture.

The ingredients and botanicals we use – like herbal infusions, seaweed extract, honey, coconut milk, beer, and essential oils – have been specially selected to be beneficial to the hair and scalp, by nourishing, soothing and moisturising. Each shampoo bar recipe has its own unique properties. We’re currently extending our range, so watch this space for details!


What Makes Shampoo Bars Different to Soaps?

Our shampoo bars are made by hand in the same traditional way as our soap bars – but the formulas are very different. We use different oils, in different proportions, to give a hard bar which lathers beautifully, and lasts a long time. I have found from my own experience that, typically, a shampoo bar will last 3-5 times longer than a traditional bottle of shampoo.


Shampoo Bar V. Bottled Liquid Shampoo…

Liquid shampoos contain a cocktail of chemicals like parabens, SLS, SLES, urea and alcohol – chemicals which are there as artificial colours and fragrances, foam boosters, detergents,
preservatives, or to simply alter the viscosity of the liquid. These chemicals can strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, which can result in dry brittle hair, and a dry, tight, itchy scalp. Many of them are associated with allergic reactions. They can create a chemical build-up in the hair over time, making it dull and lifeless.

Our shampoo bars are formulated with natural ingredients, which are all there because they’re beneficial to the hair and/or scalp.


Benefits of Shampoo Bars

Formulated with natural ingredients.
Plastic-free packaging, so kinder on the environment.
Gentle & nourishing; they don’t strip the hair or dry out the scalp.
Cost effective; they last many times longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo. There is often no need to condition after using a shampoo bar.
Convenient; use for camping, travelling or festivals; lighter and more convenient to carry, they won’t leak, and can be packed in hand luggage.


Using Shampoo Bars

We only use natural ingredients in our shampoo bars, which can create a very different hair- washing experience. Most people adjust to the new routine with no problem; others may need a transition period ranging from a couple of days to a few weeks. It depends on your hair type, how damaged it is, and how much chemical build-up is in your hair. You may experience dry or greasy hair, or increased tangles, or a waxy feel to the hair to begin with. You may need to be patient, but your hair will adjust, resulting in smooth, silky, healthy hair.

Our shampoo bars work differently to liquid shampoos; if you have coloured or permed hair, we suggest you take a strand test, to check you are happy with the results. As our shampoo bars are essentially soap bars, they won’t strip the hair of its natural oils, which may even result in your colour or perm lasting longer.


To Use Shampoo Bars

There are two ways we recommend to use a shampoo bar;

1/ Direct use

Wet your hair thoroughly, then use the shampoo bar directly onto the hair, rubbing the bar gently onto the hair shaft as if you’re combing your hair. Then gently rub your hair to work up a lather.  Work from the scalp, down the hair shaft, to prevent tangling. It’s very important that all the soap applied to the hair is worked into a lather, otherwise you will end up with soap residue in your hair. Rinse very well, to remove all trace of the shampoo bar.


2/ Lather in your hands

Use the shampoo bar to create a generous lather in your hands, then apply the lather to thoroughly wet hair, working from the scalp down the hair shaft. Use your fingers like a comb to gently massage the lather in, then rinse hair really well. Repeat if desired.

Don’t leave your shampoo bar sitting in a puddle of water. Allow it to dry between uses.


Conditioner needed afterwards?

Since our shampoo bars don’t strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture, you should find you don’t need to use a conditioner as often afterwards to add body and shine to your hair.

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural alternative to bottled conditioner; use as a finishing rinse, to add shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Some like to still use a conditioner, others don’t; it’s a personal preference.


Using a shampoo bar means one less plastic bottle in the shower.