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Relax and Unwind Candle


This is sooo calming and soothing. You can’t help but be chilled by the sublime combination of soothing Lavender, sensuous Ylang Ylang and a hint of warm, earthy Patchouli.

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This Relax and Unwind Candle is sooo calming and soothing. The sublime combination of soothing Lavender, sensuous Ylang Ylang and a hint of warm, earthy Patchouli is our favourite Lavender-based blend, and you can’t help but be chilled by it. We use pure, natural essential oils, so you benefit from the Aromatherapy effect of every candle.

The calming scent will linger in a room long after the candle is blown out.

Our candles are made with the best quality natural ingredients, including soy wax, natural essential oils, and cotton braided wicks. They’re handmade in our Cornish workshop, so care is given to producing each and every one. Our wax is specially formulated to give the scent a good “throw”-that is, it’ll disperse well and scent a large area. 

Burn time; minimum of 20 hours. As our candles are all made with natural soy wax, they burn cleanly, and slowly, with none of the nasty black sooting associated with cheaper paraffin wax candles. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Essential Oils used in our Relax and Unwind Candle;

Lavender Essential Oil; Naturally soothing, its calming for the mind. Often used to help eliminate nervous tension and alleviate insomnia, stress, headaches and depression.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil; An anti-depressant, helping to boost energy levels. Its sweet, soft, flowery fragrance that has made it a romantic favourite.

Patchouli Essential Oil; Stress-relieving, with a grounding effect on the mind. Often known as the scent of the sixties, with its earthy, exotic aroma. We don’t use too much, as it can overpower the other scents.

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Relax and Unwind Candle
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