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Proper Job Beer Soap


A beer lover’s dream soap, made with oodles of Proper Job Indian Pale Ale…

A beer lover’s dream soap, handmade by age-old traditional methods, our Proper Job Beer Soap has Proper Job Indian Pale Ale as the star ingredient.

Made by hand using traditional methods, we’ve taken the ale and added crushed hops (Wilhemetta, the same hops that are used to make the beer) which give the soap a mellow, gently hoppy scent. We’ve also sneaked in a generous drizzle of skin-nourishing Shea butter and essential oils of Sweet Orange and Grapefruit to compliment the ale’s gentle citrus zing. It doesn’t smell like stale beer but it does contain all the wonderful nutrients contained in the beer.

We’ve made it with a base of coconut oil and olive oil to give it a rich, smooth lather (rather like a good head on a pint of of beer, actually.)

Makes a great quirky present for any discerning beer lover!

Soap bar is 90g e.

Key ingredients in our Proper Job Beer Soap;

Proper Job Indian Pale Ale; A powerfully hopped, Award-Winning ale from St Austell Brewery. Beer is rich in B-complex vitamins, particularly B2 & B3, potassium and magnesium. The ancient Egyptians used beer to freshen the skin.

Hops; These have been used historically in skincare to treat dry skin. Contain humulone which can be an anti-inflammatory. Their scent helps create a sense of calm.

Shea Butter; Extracted from the nut of wild African trees. Contains several fatty acids which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity.

Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils; Uplifting and balancing, their slightly astringent, cleansing properties mean they can help revive tired skin.