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Pink Roses Bath Salts


A  pampering treat, expertly formulated with mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt and a heady English Rose fragrance, for a nourishing, relaxing soak.

Formulated with a heady English Rose scent, with mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt, our Pink Roses Bath Salts have been created to give you a really skin-nourishing, skin-softening soak. A gorgeous pampering treat…

250g jar, finished with a pretty pink hand-tied raffia ribbon.


Key ingredients in our Pink Roses Bath Salts:

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt: Mineral rich, from ancient salt deposits deep in the mighty Himalayas.

Sea Salt: We use a combination of fine and coarse sea salts, which absorb all those lovely fragrance oils, & then release them as the salts gently melt into your bathwater.

Cornish- harvested sea salt: We add a sprinkling of sea salt from Cornish waters to every batch, so there’s a little bit of the Cornish seaside in every jarful.

Epsom Salts: Reputed to help to relieve stress, soothe tired muscles and soften skin.

Rosebuds and Rose Petals: We add a generous handful of dried pink roses, and red rose petals to make your bath time just a little bit prettier.

Rose Fragrance: Our heady, English Rose fragrance is allergen-free. It’ll remind you of dew-soaked English roses on a summer’s morning.


Full ingredients:

Sodium chloride (himalayan pink rock salt, sea salt, coarse & fine), Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts), Parfum (allergen-free fragrance), Rosa gallica, Rosa damascena, Rosa centifolia flowers, Colour CI 77007.