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Flower Power Soap Trio Gift Bag


Our Flower Power Handmade Soap Trio contains three of our best-selling girly, floral-scented natural soaps, presented in a lovely Jute gift bag with a pretty hand-tied ribbon and gift tag.

Our Flower Power Soap Trio Gift Bag contains three of our gorgeously floral-scented handmade soaps, presented in a lovely Jute gift bag with a pretty hand-tied ribbon and gift tag.

This Flower Power Soap Trio Gift Bag contains one each of the following lovely handmade soaps;

Summer Gardens Soap; A gorgeous handmade soap with the gorgeous scent of a sun-drenched Mediterranean garden on a summer’s evening. This is one of our all-time favourite soaps. Formulated with oodles of  cocoa butter, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, added for their skin-nourishing qualities.
Key ingredients ;
Cocoa Butter; A wonderful  moisturiser, especially for dry, itchy or chapped skin.
Sweet Almond Oil; Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, this easily-absorbed oil is nourishing and protecting to the skin. Calms skin irritation.
Lavender essential oil; Used widely in aromatherapy for its calming, relaxing and skin-soothing properties.
Palmerosa essential oil; Has a balancing action on the skin’s sebum production, antiseptic, useful for minor skin infections, acne, and cellular regeneration.
May Chang essential oil; Because we love the fresh, sweetly  floral scent, which reminds us of sultry Mediterranean evenings.
Rosemary essential oil; Clears the brain, simulates circulation and is antiseptic and anti-bacterial. The name comes from the Latin “ros marinus” meaning “dew of the sea”, because rosemary originally grew along the Mediterranean coastline. This soap bar is 90g e.

Rose Swirl Soap; Scented with natural essential oils, the scent of this natural soap is inspired by the heady, musky sweetness of dew-soaked summer roses. As with all our handmade soaps, it has a rich creamy lather and skin-loving ingredients. This soap is swirled with gorgeous rosy pink, pale pink and ivory colours.
Key ingredients;
Cocoa butter; A wonderfully rich moisturiser, especially good for dry skin.
French red clay; A  natural exfoliate to gently cleanse the skin, and create the lovely rose pink swirls.
Natural essential oils; We use our own special blend, containing Palmerosa, Ylang Ylang, Howood and Patchouli to produce a scent which is sweet, heady, musky and sensual.
Soap bar is 90g e.

Lavender, Goat’s Milk and Oatmeal Soap;
Our absolute best-selling handmade soap, combining the timeless elegance of Lavender essential oil in an olive oil soap, with loads of lovely shea butter, oatmeal to very gently exfoliate, soothing goat’s milk and Cornish honey (which helps to seal moisture into the skin.) So very gentle and lovely!
Key ingredients ;
Goat’s Milk; Contains vitamins A,C,D and some B vitamins, along with amino acids, citric acid, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids and zinc. Cleopatra reputedly bathed in goat’s milk to maintain her beautifully smooth skin.
Oatmeal; Oat baths were used by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks for healing skin ailments. Oats will remove excess oil and bacteria from the skin, and gently remove dead skin cells.
Lavender essential oil; This oil has a long history of use for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, soothing and healing properties. It’s also a great insect repellent.
Shea Butter; Extracted from the nut of the Mangifolia trees which grow wild in the African savannah, this contains several fatty acids which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity.
Rice Bran Oil; High in Omega 6  and antioxidants; good for dry, mature or sensitive skin. Well known for its considerable nourishing properties. Soap bar is 90g e

Please note: We may very occasionally need to substitute one of the soaps in this soap trio gift bag for another from our range.  The colour of the bag varies.

Please see individual soap listings for full ingredients, including allergens.