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Bug Off Soap


When we started making our lovely soaps in Cyprus, this one very quickly became a best-seller. The natural essential oils are reputed to have insect-repelling properties, to help keep mossies away the natural way.

Use our Bug Off  soap on holiday to help keep mossies away the natural way or use it whilst fishing, walking, camping or at festivals. We started making our lovely soaps in Cyprus, where there are numerous biting critters like mosquitos and no-see-ums, and this useful soap very quickly became a best-seller.

We start with our lovely soap base and add insect-repelling essential oils of citronella, lemongrass and tea tree. There’s also soothing Aloe Vera (to help relieve the itch of existing bites) and cocoa butter and glycerine to moisturise dry, itchy skin.

Use this in the shower in the evening, and you really can smell the insect-repelling essential oils on your skin afterwards; and if you can smell them, so can the biting bugs. 

We also have a Hand and Body Lotion with Citronella, to use on any exposed skin before going outdoors. This is particularly popular with walkers, horse lovers and campers in the UK summer.

Soap bar is 90g e.

Some key ingredients ;

Coconut Oil; Gives this soap a rich, creamy lather.

Lemongrass essential oil; With a fresh, uplifting scent, and anti-bacterial, antiseptic, healing and soothing properties. It’s also a great insect repellant for mosquitos. (And fleas, ticks and lice).

Citronella essential oil; The best-known of all the insect repellant essential oils, used in particular for mosquitos. (It also has anti-septic properties.)

Tea Tree essential oil; Highly antiseptic, this is used to disinfect  and soothe bites and stings.

Aloe Vera extract; Used in the Mediterranean region for thousands of years, we’ve added this for its natural cooling and soothing properties.