Orange and Blossom Aromatherapy Candle


A natural Soy wax candle with a feels-good-to-be-alive scent, reminiscent of a Mediterranean orange grove in the warming spring sunshine.

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Scented with pure, natural essential oils, so you benefit from the Aromatherapy effect of every candle. Voted “Editor’s Choice” in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017…

In the warming spring months, a Mediterranean orange grove is bursting with the heady scents of orange blossom, sun-ripened fruit and dew-damp earth. We’ve tried to capture the essence of that in this candle. It’s a grounding, energising, feels-good-to-be-alive sort of scent. The scent will linger in a room long after you blow the candle out.

Our candles are made with the best quality natural ingredients. They’re handmade in our Cornish workshop, so care is given to producing each and every one. Our wax is specially formulated to give the scent a good “throw”-that is, it’ll disperse well and will scent a large area.

Essential Oils Used:

Sweet Orange Essential Oil; An energising, mood-lifting oil, often used to soothe nerves.

May Change Essential Oil; Known as the “oil of tranquility”, this helps to promote physical relaxation and mental calm. Also known as Litsea Cubeba.

Patchouli Essential Oil; Stress relieving, with a grounding effect on the mind. Often known as the scent of the sixties, with its musky, earthy, exotic aroma. We don’t use too much, as it can overpower the other scents.


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