We pride ourselves on the quality of our multi- award winning handmade soaps, skincare and soy candles, which are created by real people, using traditional methods, and the finest ingredients.

A Family Business

We are a family business, with three generations working in different roles. We’ve extended our Sapooni family to include Nanny, cousins, godparents and in-laws, spouses, friends, and neighbours.

We even have a Sapooni cat; Mr P, a much-adored little scamp, who began life as an abandoned feral kitten, has used up his nine lives, and adores prawns, log fires and laps.

Our Products

We produce all our handmade soaps, skincare products and candles in our idyllic Cornish workshop, which is nestled on the Cornish shore of the Tamar; that means a real person measures, weighs, mixes, stirs, pours, cuts, labels and wraps each and every product we make.  (And Nanny is Chief Labeller.)

We believe that what you put on your skin shouldn’t be full of chemical nasties, or tested on animals. We want our children to grow up with rainforests, so we don’t use palm oil in anything (and never have done.) We want our customers to enjoy affordable, natural products which are made with respect to the environment.

The Beginnings…

Our story began over 15 years ago when Jo, the founder, and her family went on holiday to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and returned with a souvenir; a bar of olive oil soap. This soap turned out to be quite awful; it was grey, had no fragrance, wouldn’t lather, and turned into a mushy, slimy mess in the shower. Jo decided she could do better, and went on courses to learn the art of soap-making. When the family moved to Cyprus, she started making very special olive oil soaps using Virgin olive oil collected from Agabrios at the local olive mill- pressed from the olives grown around her home on the edge of the lovely Akamas peninsula. A few bars of handmade soap became a few more, and a business was born. When the family moved back to Cornwall in 2013, Sapooni Ltd. was founded.

Sapooni today.

Sapooni is Greek for soap. We think it’s a fitting name for a company which started in Cyprus with a single bar of soap. Today, we are really blessed to have a stunning view of the Tamar River from our workshops. We have stayed true to our original philosophy of using only the finest ingredients. We also use a range of Cornish ingredients, with Tamar Valley honey and Cornish herbs, flowers, sea salt and seaweed added to select formulations, especially our handmade soaps. We believe in supporting other Cornish businesses; our boxes are made in Cornwall, we use West Country suppliers wherever possible, and we are working in partnership with other local companies to produce a range bursting with even more of the finest things Cornwall has to offer.

Awards and stuff.

We’re very proud to have been the recipients of numerous Industry Awards including Best Artisan Soap 2018; Best Luxury Natural Soap Company (UK); Best Grooming Product for Men; Best Lip Balm; Best Aromatherapy Candle; and Bathing Product of the Year. (to date, we have an amazing 15 awards under our belt!)

We’re members of the Made in Cornwall Scheme run by Cornwall County Council Trading Standards, and we’re members of both the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers, and the European Guild of Soapmakers.

Certified products

Our formulations have been checked and assessed by a Certified, qualified chemist, and we fully comply with EU and UK regulations.
We’ve NEVER used ingredients which have been tested on animals- and our products have only been tested on willing humans, never animals.

Recycle, Re-use, Reduce (or something like that.)

All our packaging is recyclable, and much of it is also biodegradable. We protect your goodies using paper shred made from recycled coffee cups, and we re-use all the packaging which is sent to us, so you may find your order arrives in a pre-loved box or with 2nd-use bubble wrap. Our workshop has solar-powered hot water, electricity and heating. We use local suppliers and locally produced ingredients wherever possible, minimising our carbon footprint. Our Cornish honey is made by the bees that visit the gardens around our workshop, and our Organic Cornish Seaweed is hand-harvested by the award-winning Cornish Seaweed Company.