Our face masks are 100% natural, with a carefully selected blend of ingredients which your skin will love. They also smell gorgeous!

Key Ingredients;

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Teenage Dirtbag Clay Scrub

Originally formulated for my two teenagers, this works with skin prone to breakouts & blocked pores. Particularly good for oily or congested skin. A blend of natural ingredients help to gently unblock pores, slough away excess oil & impurities, and soothe, soften & nourish sensitive young skin. Use at least once a week for best results.

In an airtight jar, so any unused powder will stay fresh until you need it.

To use; mix about 5ml (1 tsp) to a paste with an equal quantity of water, fruit juice or yogurt. Massage gently into the face using small circular movements. Leave for 5-10 minutes for the ingredients to work their magic, then rinse off with warm water.


Full Ingredients :
White clay (Kaolin),  Prunus armeniaca (apricot) seeds, Caprae lac (Goat milk powder), Honey powder (Honey  Fructose corn syrup, Wheat starch, Lecithin, Calcium stearate),  Candelilla wax,  Olea europaea (olive) kernel,  Citrus Medica (orange) powder, Fragaria Vesca  (strawberry) seeds, Maltodextrin.

Orange Powder; rich in vitamin C, with skin-refreshing properties & a lovely orangey scent. Slightly astringent, so helps to balance oily skin.

Ground Olive & Almond Stones;  Natural exfoliates, these finely ground stones will help to gently remove dead skin cells & excess oil & unblock clogged pores.

Candelilla Wax; An effective natural exfoliate - deep-cleansing & polishing.

Kaolin; a mild & gentle clay which draws excess oil from the skin.Ours comes from Cornish mines.

Goat Milk Powder; reputedly one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets; it’s high in minerals & vitamins and is said to soothe dry & damaged skin.

Honey Powder; Used for millennia as a natural antiseptic, honey is a humectant to seal moisture into the skin without adding any oils.

Quantity :


30g (e)